Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Boonville Hotel

It's no secret that Drew and I love Anderson Valley but after last weekend our love has reached new heights thanks to our amazing stay at The Boonville Hotel.

This hotel is the whole package: AMAZING restaurant (we'll talk more about that in a second), an uber-friendly staff, bright and remodeled guest rooms with huge bathtubs, sprawling gardens and patio seating and an awesome outdoor cat named Gus! I mean, what's not to like?

The staff at Boonville Hotel quickly reminded me of why I love the area so much. Anderson Valley looks and feels very much like Napa did 30 years ago. The community is tight and small. The focus is on farming and agriculture. Living there is a way of life and there is no traffic! However, the area is unique in its own right. The climate is great for pinot, gewurztraminer and white riesling, the valley is cooler and foggier thanks to its proximity to the ocean and there is a tremendous focus on local and sustainable farming. People that live here eat well.

It's the focus on ingredients that make Boonville Hotel's restaurant, table 128, so good. Almost everything on your plate is either from the backyard or from a neighbor. The recipes are served family-style and are focused and not complex. For $38 you can get an amazing 3-course meal and for a couple dollars more you can get 4-courses. Make sure to sample the local wines by the glass or splurge on a bottle. Ask the man in the front of the house, Marcus, for some recommendations. He also makes a mean aperitif...

Another reason to stay at the hotel...the continental breakfast. Drink some locally grown and produced apple juice, try their scones or snack on some granola or lemon bars. Oh yeah, the coffee is bomb, too. Call the hotel, pack your bags and do yourself a favor. We can't wait to go back.

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