Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Markets in Vietnam

These chickens were alive and stacked on top of one another ready for purchase. Yes, these are snakes. They make local 'hooch' with rice wine and dead snakes. It takes about 7 months to ferment. We tried a shot of this and it will put hair on your chest.

Selection of fresh fish and squid.

Studying up on candy, powders and spices.

Market in Saigon. Tiger beer in hand after a delicious lunch at the counter behind me.

Market in the Mekong Delta. Our guide is teaching me about Vietnamese ingredients such as Pomelo.

Typical meat stand in the market.

Wide selection of local rice.

I really wanted to bring back a suitcase of these chilies.


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Jennifurla said...

wow, life is so different isnt it.