Monday, August 8, 2011

Food is love and comfort

We recently had a devastating death in our family and it's been a rough two weeks to say the least. As friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances walked through our house to offer their prayers and regrets, something quite interesting happened- they all brought food. And they all seemed to bring something that they found comforting to them, as if they wanted to share their trick to coping.

One friend made homemade tortillas and dropped them off in our kitchen early in the morning while everyone was sleeping. We mopped up our eggs with them. Another friend showed up with a bunch of NY strip steaks. We grilled 'em right up for dinner. There was artichoke dip, chicken salad, queso, deli sandwiches, Lou Malnati's pizza OVERNIGHTED from Chicago- the list goes on and on. Yet, never once was a salad dropped off. Salad just doesn't seem to make the cut when it comes to comfort and rightfully so.

Food is a lot of things but, in my opinion, food has one major common thread: Love and Comfort. And during this time, that's exactly what my family needed. Thanks to all that shared their trick to coping.


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