Thursday, October 30, 2008

Steakhouse Dinner at Home!

In this economy it's tough to go out for a steak dinner. So when I was craving red meat this week, I decided to recreate the American classic in my home and for more than half the price. So, here are my tricks:

1) Sub skirt steak for a NY Strip or Filet. Skirt Steak is SO underrated and if cooked properly it can be tender and delicious. A 1 pound skirt steak can feed 4 people and it will probably cost you $8. NY Strip or filets typically start at $18 per pound at the store and $36 at the restaurant!

2) Use plain veggies. Refrain from buying cream, butter, onions, and more for creamed or scalloped dishes. Just buy sour cream (starts at $1) for your baked potato and you've saved at least 6 bucks. Roasted asparagus or brussel sprouts tossed in olive oil and salt and pepper is simple, delicious and pairs well with steak. Avoiding scalloped potatoes and creamed spinach is better for your waist line anyway...

3) Find a good red wine under $20. A decent Cabernet will start at $45 so ditch the traditional pairing and go for a different verietal that goes just as well with meats. An Argentinian Malbec would be a fine substitute and you can find them easily for 18-20 dollars.

Happy budget dining!

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