Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wolfy's Northbrook

Attention Chicago!!!

Wolfy's Northbrook opens tomorrow at 11am so round up your friends or kids and go grab a bite that everyone will love that won't break the bank. Some menu items to be excited about are:

· Fresh Salad Bar with everything you might want to please your healthier side
· Fresh brisket and chuck burger made daily by the most famous butcher in Northbrook - served on a hand baked Challah roll (yum)
· Polish’s done right like we’ve come to love on Maxwell St
· Grilled Salami sandwich that emulates Poochie’s with grilled onions, on soft French bread, and a dab of brown mustards
· Real Merkt’s cheddar for your dogs, fries, and burgers
· Vienna products across the board of course!!
· An amazing gyros (pita-meat-sauce-meat again-onion-tomato)
· Awesome Chicken pita sandwich’s marinated overnight
· Kick ass fries to round off your meal!

Location is in the little strip mall on the southeast corner of Dundee and Sanders.
873 Sanders Rd., Northbrook, IL, 847-272-1177)

Make sure to say hi to Josh Kaplan, my good friend and fellow foodie. Also, check out Wolfy's video on YouTube:

See you there Kaplan Brothers!

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Anonymous said...

Best hot dog stand in the North Shore!