Monday, September 20, 2010

The Pig Next Door

The best wedding gift that we've received so far is a membership to The Pig Next Door's Bacon of the Month club. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. We received our welcome kit in the mail a couple weeks ago, which included a mug that says 'Oink if you love bacon', followed by our first shipment. The shipment arrives on your door in a styrofoam cooler with an ice pack. I was pumped to open it and find a big slab of Hobb's.

Hobb's bacon is king. Some of the best restaurants in the world (including The French Laundry) use his cured delights on a daily basis. 76 year-old owner, Hobbs Shore, has mastered his craft on his ranch in west Marin, CA. His bacon has been long admired by San Francisco foodie circles. But back to the important stuff....

Do yourself a favor and join this club. What do you have to loose? It will be a cured meat adventure. Who knows what will arrive each month? Did I mention each shipment comes with a recipe and background about the meat? Come on, just go to the gym an extra day a month and you'll be guilt free. Happy baconing.

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