Sunday, June 8, 2008

2008 Napa Valley Wine Auction

I've got the golden ticket!

I have to say that it's fate that the timing for my move just happened to fall on the eve of Napa Valley's biggest event of the year, the wine auction.

Thanks to my childhood friends, Lindsay and Sean, I was able to score a last minute pass to the sold out event. Wineries from all over the valley pour while an all-star restaurant line-up showcase their best bites.

The wine auction upsets locals. It's a long day, hot, attended by pretentious tourists and the streets are a parking lot. All of our friends were there and my step dad (above) poured his coveted Zinfandel and Cabernet wines. More DUIs are handed out before dark than anywhere else on the planet. That's why I high tailed it to the city for the weekend after Thursday's event.
Unlike everyone else, I was into it. I showed up hungry, thirsty, camera ready and very excited.


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