Monday, March 16, 2009

Build Your Own Bloody Mary Brunch

People are passionate about their Bloody Mary's. Just ask my best friend, Carrie, who likes to use a pickle spear instead of celery and adds olive juice to her mix. Me? I like mine spicy and I mean really spicy. So how do you make everyone happy? Have them make it themselves.

I threw a Build Your Own Bloody Mary brunch and it was a huge hit. Forget the food, these cocktails are a recipe on their own. It took one friend 10 minutes to make theirs. He put lemon juice around the edge of the glass and rolled the rim in celery salt. Next, he smashed up olives and hot peppers over the ice on the bottom before adding any liquid. It was quite fascinating, really. My guests really took their Bloody seriously and that made it even more fun.

If you're ever in Chicago make sure to hit up Stanley's on the border of Old Town and Lincoln Park. They have a DIY Bloody bar on the weekends and they have the best fried chicken on the planet. Oh yeah, karaoke night is not to be missed. Midwest celebrities like Eddie Vedder and Kid Rock like to break it down for locals.


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