Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DBGB Kitchen & Bar

I know I have fallen off the grid, Dear Reader, and for that I am very sorry. The truth is that between Labor Day guests (wait until I tell you about my Yountville restaurant crawl!) and a business trip to New York City, I've just had no time to write down my culinary journeys. Please bare with me while I play catch up!

Last night, a foodie friend that works for Food Network invited me to an industry party at a new restaurant, SD26. However, before that and countless celebrity chef sightings, we went to check out Daniel Boulud's new restaurant, DBGB. Now, I've had the pleasure of eating at several of Chef Boulud's restaurants so going into our evening I knew it would be great experience. The space was vibrant and packed, especially for a Monday night. I love the foodie quotes written on the mirrors and the signed copper pots from other notable chefs.

What I found most interesting about DBGB was its focus on sausages and unique ones at that. While the menu included some french staples, the true innovation was in the sausages. So, of course, my friend and I ordered a couple to check out.

The first one was a lamb & mint merguez with harissa, lemon braised spinach & chickpeas. The harissa had a great amount of heat, which is what I love about the spice mixture to begin with and the sausage in it's own right was delicious. The second sausage was a Thai mixture made with lemongrass, chilies and more. Unfortunately, this sausage was unbalanced and its accompanying rice mixture was just as disappointing. There was an overwhelming amount of lemongrass flavor but I will say that my citron vodka cocktail paired well!

In my opinion, nothing beats New York City's restaurant scene. Restaurants here are well beyond a sensory experience and most of San Francisco's eateries just can't compare. If you haven't had the luxury of experiencing a night of dining in NYC, I suggest you start saving your pennies. It's worth it, trust me.

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