Monday, September 21, 2009

Yountville Restaurant Crawl- Part 2

It was here, at Redd, that Carrie had a culinary epiphany. For the first time in her life, Carrie had burrata cheese. After her first bite, her world started spinning and she looked at me and said with great disappointment and frustration, "how am I almost thirty and just discovering this now?"

I remember the first time I had this fresh mozzarella cheese that's injected with cream. It was at my Uncle's restaurant in Chicago and I looked at him and said "what is this and where can I buy it?" So, to me, Carrie's reaction was much like mine. Folks in Chicago don't have much access to burrata because of its short shelf life but if you dig you can find it. Chicago, check out Frankie's Fifth Floor for a taste! We paired the cheese with a Horse & Plow Pinot Gris from Anderson Valley.

Next up was Bistro Jeanty. Chef Jeanty is a James Beard award winner and a man that loves to cook the classics from his homeland. At Jeanty, you can get your fix of escargots, duck foie gras pate and many other favorites. We saw a couple enjoying the pork belly with lentil and foie gras ragout and decided to go for it. I have to say that following burrata is a tough act to beat but the pork belly may have been the winner of the night. Carrie and I fought over bites and moaned between them. It was so freaking good you must go try it now. We paired this dish with a Domaines des Romains Pinot Noir.
Last but not least was a stop at Michael Chiarello's new place, Bottega. I've had the pleasure of dining here before so I knew the best seat in the house was the outdoor patio with the fireplace. We quickly found a seat and ordered a glass of Foley Pinot Noir. I am a big fan of Bob Foley and this pinot was my favorite wine of the night. We ordered the Parmesan puffs with peaches and prosciutto. This was the dish we enjoyed the least but Chef Chiarello came to the patio to chat with us and it made Carrie's night.

For those of you wondering, we left our car in the parking lot and walked from spot to spot. Never drink and drive in Napa!

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