Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Stonewall Kitchen

I am addicted to Stonewall Kitchen products. I give them as gifts, buy them for my own kitchen and store some in my fridge at work to snack on. Stonewall makes jams, sauces, marinades, dressings and much much more. Just trust me and check them out!

My mother makes the best pear chutney on the planet but I usually only score one or two jars a year. They go fast so I use Stonewall's Apple Cranberry Chutney for back up. Fall is all about chutney so I recently bought two jars to hold me over the next month. It's great with baked brie, pork or just on a plain cracker as a snack.



Chuck said...

I wonder if your Mother would post her Pear Chutney? I certainly would like to know how she does it, because I love Indian food and Major Grey's does not hold up to your Mother's chutney.

Lyd said...

I love their red pepper jelly. I just put in on a cracker with goat cheese. Or over my baked brie. Soooo yummy.