Sunday, January 27, 2008

Alinea- Part Two

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Well, I must say the food here really is fantastic and it truly is an experience. Highlights were the black truffle 'explosion', the chicken skin crisp and trout roe. The only course that didn't deliver was the sweetbreads. Some plates had up to 32 different flavors which looked great on the plate and usually married well together. The kitchen was pristine and very quiet. My only real complaint was our wine guy. I know there's a fancy name for them but I call him 'the wine guy'. He was so stuffy it was brutal. Each word was so rehearsed and I dreaded each time he came to our table. Other than that, Alinea was worth it. It's expensive but worth having once. They are doing some pretty amazing things there.



Missy said...

I am infinitely jealous, but super psyched that you got to experience that! I think this is one dining experience I'm just gonna have to accept that it's waaaaay out of my league, financially. Did you take any more photos? Must have more details. Bummer about the sommelier, but not entirely suprising, I guess. They can be a bit stuffy.

Insider's said...

you would love it but man it was $$$. I didn't take any photos cause i forgot my camara. I took that picture at home. I'll definetly give you more details next time I see you. textures and tempratures are big with these guys. dismiss bad spelling...