Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shoepeg Corn Dip

Well, it is a rainy day in Atlanta so I thought I would put some posts on my sister Elizabeth's unbelievable blog. So here goes......

This is my favorite dip recipe that my friend Kim gave me years ago.

Shoepeg Corn Dip

8 oz Cream Cheese
8 oz Sour Cream
4 oz Mayo
1 Packet Ranch Dip (powder)
8 oz Fire Roasted Salsa
1 bunch chopped Scallions
2 Cans SHOEPEG Corn
Grape Tomatoes

Combine the first five ingredients and stir. Chop and add the remaining. Add chopped grape tomatoes before serving. Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy. This dip actually tastes even better the next day when all the flavors have really meshed. Yes, your diet starts tomorrow!


Chuck said...

Great post Lydia! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Needs Miracle Whip...

Love, Ross