Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chicago's 'Best' Rotisserie Chicken

One of the great things about starting this blog has been some of the people that I have met. People that are just as passionate (if not more) as I am about food, wine, cooking, dining and entertaining. Two of my favorite new friends are brothers and we email each other all the time. I have begged them both to post but email is easier to send along and faster. So, I thought I'd post a recent recommendation for Chicago's 'Best' Rotisserie Chicken so you can get a little taste of our foodie friendship...

"did i send you the info on semiramis? if not, get the rotisserie chicken to go. honestly, i know it is a blah dish, but it came highly recommended from a wine distributor friend of mine. i finally went there, and it was something special. little, byob spot with insane rotisserie and keftah. rotisserie chicken: Semiramis on 4639 N. Kedzie. seriously, this was one of the best rotisserie chickens ever. if you get it to go they wrap it up in a huge piece of pita (lavash) like a little chicken in a blanket. if you get it there then it's on a bed of hummus. keftah sandwich's are insane. restaurant is byob, and a nice little place. if you order the chicken after 7:30ish they will be out of it!!"


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Jules said...

Hey there, found your site while looking for a Charlie Trotter recipe...just got back from Chicago...Semiramis sounds great...I will pass it along to our Chicago clan!