Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chimney Rock and Regusci

Drew and I decided to go to the Napa County Fair yesterday after spending a day poolside at Meadowood. I haven't been to the Napa County Fair since I was a kid. My good friend Tish and I were in 4H together and raised livestock and sold them at the livestock auction each year. Don't laugh. It paid for my first year of college. 4H breeds livestock but they breed entrepreneurs, too.
The fair was awesome. Corndogs. People watching. The Gravitron and Tilt a Whirl. It's great to feel like a kid again.
Before we dove into the fair we decided to exercise the luxury of some wine tasting along the way. I have to be honest, I am milking my free tastings this summer. Why not? I'm industry and it's like living in NYC and not going to all the great restaurants for free. There is NO way I am not riding this one out. On top it all, I have learned a TON about wine and have started a decent cellar.

Chimney Rock was the best tasting of my summer so far. I have visited over 3o wineries (including St. Clement today) and I had to rip Drew off this tasting bar. Our host, Jim, was very passionate and knowledgeable and the wines spoke for themselves. They make special wines. At 40,000 cases a year, this will be our celebratory wine. In fact, we plan to buy a bottle for our move to San Francisco in September.

It was getting late but Regusci has been on my list to check off. This family has owned property in the valley since the 30's. They make about 5,000 cases a year with a hilarious Welch man in the tasting room to boot. The grounds are gorgeous so pack a lunch for a picnic.

Stay tuned for Thursday's jam-packed day in the Stags Leap District...


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