Monday, August 11, 2008

L'Arbre Croche Beach Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich

L'Arbre Croche, a private community on Little Traverse Bay between Petoskey and Harbor Springs, Michigan, is a special place that was inspired by Sea Ranch in Mendocino County, California. The beach at L'Arbre Croche is a great base for all ages in our family for planning activities, relaxing with a summer read, or checking out the magic cold springs. It is also a great place to have lunch at the beach house managed by Jane who delights in serving several comfort food items including my favorite, the Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich accompanied by a Half and Half.

I order mine with bacon which should make this a good post on "Everything is Better with Bacon".

The sandwich is made with tomatoes, grilled onions, bacon, and three cheeses, cheddar, American and Swiss, on French Bread thickly spread with mayonnaise and buttered on both the top and the bottom. This Midwest classic is grilled in a omelet pan with the weight of a small dish on the top slice on a gas burner adjusted to medium high heat.

This is a good order for all ages after an active morning of outdoor activities although I notice the younger members of our family still go for the mac and cheese or a hot dog.

I seem to always dip my sandwich in a pool of ketchup on my plate. The Half and Half is really an Arnold Palmer, a mixture of equal parts iced tea and lemonade.

When I was a cadet at West Point, special Sunday lunches sometimes featured the open faced version of this grilled three cheese sandwich, and I think this version at the L'Arbre Croche beach house is a pleasant reminder of those Sunday lunches after Cadet Chapel. The only casual meal of the week.



Elizabeth said...

This is my FAVORITE grilled cheese ever. it means so much to me that you blogged this, dad. many fond memories of up north. sorry i missed it this year. xoxoxo

Lyd said...

Dad, I vote this best of the blog. So good! Sorry we could not be there to eat it this year!

Carey Treado said...

Came across this picture while searching Google images of L'arbre Croche. So happy to see my summer lunch plate for the last 20+ year. We've travelled all over with our kids and this is always voted "Best Lunch Ever" (with the half and half, natch).

Thanks for cheering me up on a dark rainy day in Pittsburgh. : )