Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Fiesta

Being the food enthusiast that I am, I double booked myself on one of America's favorite holidays for gluttony. First stop was a visit to the Garvey's house for their annual fiesta that they throw at their gorgeous home just a stones throw from their lovely winery, Flora Springs. I am grateful to have known the Garvey's since I was a kid. However, our relationship doubled when my best friend from childhood married their son. Lindsay (pictured with me above) and I have been best friends since birth. In fact, this blog was her idea. So when she invited me over for this culinary delight I accepted in a spilt-second.

Now, I don't have any of the recipes as this event was catered by a local duo that did a fantastic job but I will share a trick that is too good to keep to myself. Ready? They dip the corn tortillas in the oil they drain from the rendered meat. How awesome is that? I told them straight up I was stealing that move even if it means that it will add 500 more calories to my meal. You don't eat Mexican food if you're on a diet anyway...


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