Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lucille & Justin's Ceviche Recipe

I've told you many times that my younger sister is a great cook so when my older sister had a birthday party for her husband last night she requested that Lucille make her famous recipe that she created with her new husband, Justin. When I asked her for the recipe, this is what she wrote:

"We learned how to make this ceviche when we were down in Mexico two hours north of Cabo San Lucas. We went fishing that day and caught a couple of big Mahi Mahi. We went home and decided to try to make ceviche since we had tried some at a restaurant in San Francisco called Fresca - a Peruvian place."

Lucille & Justin's Ceviche Recipe
1.5 lbs mahi mahi or halibut
1 white onion (purple onion or yellow onion is NOT as good)
2.5 limes - Mexican limes are even better if you can find them, but you need more like 3-4 limes since they are smaller
1/2 cup cilantro - no stems, leaves only
1-3 avacados - you can either use one avacado just as a garnish on top, or else you can mix in 3 avocados at the very end right before you serve the ceviche.

Cut the fish into 3/4" cubes. Squeeze the limes juice and add to the fish. Chop up the onion into 1/4-1/2 inch pieces. You don't want to cut the onions too small or you don't get the crunch that you need to add texture to the dish. Add the onions to the bowl and finally add the cilantro. Let this cure in the refrigerator for at least one hour. Be sure to taste the food as you go so you can learn what the right combination is. Sometimes you can add too much lime, sometimes you need to add more onion and cilantro. It's a real balance that just takes practice and we are still working on perfecting it!

You can make this same dish with shrimp, scallops, squid, but I like the mahi mahi or halibut the best.

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