Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mustards Grill

It's embarrassing to say that I have never been to Mustards Grill considering it opened in 1983 and I was born and raised in Napa Valley. It's not like we had so many restaurants to choose from back then like we do now. But it's true and I'm willing to admit it.

Here I ago again tooting Cindy Pawlcyn's horn but I love this woman and she is our local star. This was her first restaurant after working at many that were not her own in Minnesota, Chicago and California. It also got rave reviews from the get-go. I have to say that there is no surprise there.

I sat at the bar on my day-off where a spunky local named Moe was my bartender and I ordered the Hunan Grilled Chicken with ginger-soy noodles, asian slaw and toasted sesame seeds for lunch. They are known for their famous Mongolian Pork Chop but that sounded more like dinner than lunch so I'll have to go back.

This place was packed about 5 minutes after the door opened at 11:30am. They have certainly built a great reputation and there were many, many regulars. No wonder. Cindy makes the best food in town.

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Lyd said...

great post Liz!