Friday, July 18, 2008

Tra Vigne

There is no doubt that Tra Vigne is a Napa Valley institution. Michael Chiarello opened the restaurant in the late 80's and created a menu influenced by the cuisine of his family's native Calabria and local seasonal ingredients from the valley. You can often spot Michael in town, especially for morning coffee at the Napa Valley Roasting Company. And you'll recognize him since you've probably seen him on his cooking show on Food Network.
Tra Vigne is crawling with vintners, tourists and locals. It's a true mix of clientele and most are loyal patrons. These are just some of the dishes we ordered and all of us we delighted. Delicious figs on pizza? Check. Roasted garlic to spread on toasted bread? Yup. Ahi tuna? Someone's gotta take one for the team...


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