Friday, July 4, 2008

Cindy's Supper Club

This week I went to Cindy's Supper Club in town with my step dad and brother in law. I had heard about this when I went for an after work beer and Oysters Pablo. Unlike the traditional supper club that you may be familiar with where everyone sits at a communal table and the chef presents the dishes and talks about its origin and how they are prepared, this club just offers a prefix menu for $40 that explores a different cuisine each week.

This particular week explored the New England Shore and I brought a flight of wines from Duckhorn to pair with each course. The mussels and the sweet corn were the highlights. Next week we'll be visiting France follwed by the American South and Spain...



Andrew said...

This supper club sounds disgusting. Why would you ever want to partake in something like that? Especially at Cindy's. I'm jealous.

Elizabeth said...