Wednesday, August 8, 2007

4 reasons why you should be buddies with your butcher

Do you know your butcher's name? You should.

Here are four reasons why you should introduce yourself to your meat department:

1) Butchers are good cooks

Believe it or not, the bulk to my short ribs recipe is from my man Chuck at Big Apple Finer Foods on Fullerton and Clark.

2) Butchers have got your back

Some fashionistas have Neiman's call when the new Marc Jacobs line hits the racks. I get a call from my butcher when they get tiger prawns in.

3) Butchers are passionate

Most butchers don't 'fall into' their line of work. These (typically) guys are usually avid outdoors men, decently traveled, have a history of the business in their family and are extremely knowledgeable about their meats and products.

4) Everyone loves feeling like a VIP

And I mean EVERYONE. People like to feel special and people like to be recognized. I know almost everyone in my grocery store and they always make me feel special and are always so helpful. There are perks to being a regular.

So, I encourage you all to start up a conversation with your butcher (I met mine by asking what the hell Osso Buco was...)

**Did you know that Wild West Outlaw Butch Cassidy was originally a butcher? That's how he got his name...**

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