Thursday, August 23, 2007

P.J. Clarkes - Need I say more??

A true NYC staple feauturing all the essentials to a local, quality NYC establishmet: a loud crowded bar, the musky smell of business men, old beer, and greasy food, and people bumping into you in every which way. Can't hear much, can't move much, can't get out of the way of the waiters & waitresses- perfect.

After trying for 30 min's at peak time to get 2 stools at the bar, we decided to have a more civilized meal at a table. Our waitress was rude, but in the charming sort of way. I drank cheap red wine, and my guest drank a more appropriate drink (bass & guinnes - a dark & stormy?). Both drinks were shoved at us & we quickly were required to order. 2 burges, one massive mound of shoestring onion rings.

The burgers were perfect - greasy in that bar sort of way, but made with quality ingredients that made them juicy & flavorful. The onion rings were piled high, and left substantial traces of grease on everything. One Key Lime Pie to split.

It was amazing, as always.

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Elizabeth said...

Good ol'PJ Clarkes. Getting very excited for our NYC trip my dear! Keep posting!