Thursday, August 9, 2007

Invest in your olive oil

I remeber several years ago when my brother, Chaz, had me over to dinner at his old loft in Chicago. He just wouldn't shut up about how good this loaf of olive bread he bought was when dipped in a special olive oil he had. He cut some slices from the loaf, doctered up a little of the oil with some sea salt and such and we both dove in. I quickly understood what he was talking about.

Many great Chefs have gone on the record to say that using good (or great) olive oil is a must. Megga Chef and badass Mario Batali believes that olive oil is as precious as gold! Above are pictures from a great store in Chicago on Michigan Ave (inside the Nordstroms building) where I buy my olive oil. Do you have a store in your city that sells great olive oil?

In Ari Weinzwerg’s book, Old Ways Table, he suggest using, “Lighter oils for fish; modestly fruity oils for more delicate lettuces and vegetables; peppery, green oils for mozzarella (where the oil is actually the highlight), meat, and spicier dishes. This is no different than pairing wines to foods to make a good match.”

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Gidget Girl said...

Big believer in good Olive Oil. Some restaurants have olive oil tastings which has really helped me to understand the varities.