Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Because I'm obsessed with TV and food

... naturally, I'm also obsessed with Top Chef. (Even this season, where most of the contestants are kinda a snooze. Howie? Stop sweating in all your food! Ick!) Usually, they cook so fast and so frantically it's impossible to do anything but watch, but in last week's episode "Freezer Burn" I picked up a great tip about freezing your dishes/leftovers. Tre and C.J. won because they Individually Quick Froze everything, i.e., they froze the sauce separate from the pasta separate from the chicken, so nothing absorbed the liquid from the other.

A few months ago I went up to Michigan to do a massive cooking-and-freezing bonanza for my grandma, who's 97 and therefore not all that active in the kitchen anymore. While everything turned out great and warmed up well, I totally could have IQF'd everything and had it even better.

That's all for now.

p.s. I heart Moose.

p.p.s. Hi everyone!

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