Sunday, September 30, 2007


The Cheese Table & Goat Cheese from St. Helena

Cheese wrapped in Chestnut Leaves & Cheese wrapped in Grape leaves

We we had the wonderful experience of meeting and talking with a cheesemonger - one who knows a whole lot about cheese. This one's name was John Raymond of Raymond & Co. Cheesemongers. This is what one person has to say about him -

"John Rayond is the most educated, informed and passionate cheesemonger in California. Whether teaching students, chefs or food enthusiasts, John looks into the soul of the cheese and somehow manages to draw it out, presenting it methodically to the uninitiated in a way that is both educational and tantalizing."

Well we found ourselves parked at his cheese table for most of the night, hearing all of his stories about how he found all of these different cheeses. He can look at a cheese and know what kind of cow/sheep/goat milk it is just by the color. He can even tell if it is a combination of animals. As he was telling us these stories, he was literally petting the cheese like it was an animal itself. It was really amazing. This guy is very passionate about what he does. We got to taste some incredible cheeses, so much that I couldn't sleep last night because I hadn't had so much rich food in so long. We tried some cheese wrapped in a fig leaf that was delicious and the goat cheese from St. Helena was just rediculous.

I grabbed his brochure - he will ship cheese anywhere for any event whether it's a wedding, cocktail party, business event, birthday, whatever. His website is and his phone number is 707-938-9911. Definitely use him for your next cheese table!

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Elizabeth said...

I want to eat that entire table! Great post