Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spotlight: Bistro Campagne

When your friends or family are in town there are two things that you need to do before they arrive: Clean your apartment and make reservations. When my boyfriend's parents came to visit this weekend, we didn't hesitate making reservations at our 'special occasions' go-to spot Bistro Campagne.

This restaurant is located in Lincoln Square, a family friendly neighborhood north of Chicago. The garden is a wonderful place to dine in the summer and the main room and cabin are quaint and cozy in the winter months. The wine list is quality and affordable which is tough to find. The owner and executive chef, Michael Altenberg, opened this restaurant in 2002 and designed it to mirror his favorite neighborhood bistros in Paris. He is committed to the use of organic food products and strongly supports the sustainable, low-impact agricultural movement. The food is fresh, creative and down-right delicious.

The portions are generous and the menu features traditional French bistro fare. For my first courrse, I ordered the soup special, a creamy cauliflower soup, that was terrific. When it arrived to the table, it was lukewarm. I asked them to warm it up for me. Now, you know that they are going to toss it in the microwave and there is a good possibility they may over heat it and return it blazin' hot. The temperature of the soup when it returned was perfect and they even re-garnished it. So, that made it worth the wait. Make sure to save room for their chocolate molten cake. I'm not a huge fan of desserts but I will gladly eat this.

If you live in Chicago or are scheduled for a visit, I would highly recommend Bistro Campagne. To see their menu, click here

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Anonymous said...

Actually, we don't have a microwave... how's that for organic?
Glad you enjoyed your meal! I love working at Bistro and am always happy to hear people say they had a good meal here. Take care!
*a B.C. cook