Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pasta Binge

Lately, I have been craving Italian. Now, this isn't really the norm for me. Usually when I crave a certain type of food its Thai or Mexican. I have a soft spot in my heart for peanut sauce and anything with cheese on it. And it just so happens that Italian loves showcasing cheeses in it's dishes. So, maybe this craving isn't that far fetched...

I have been pretty busy these days which means I am eating out a lot. I'd like to mention two of my Italian staples in Chicago, Rosebud on Rush and Mia Francesca.

Rosebud just happens to be about a block from my office. I've been dining alfresco there for lunches and dinners all summer. Like most Chicago Restaurants, the portions here are huge. So, I always box up my leftovers and finish them up the next day. The reason I keep returning to this spot is simple, their square noodles and sausage and peppers. These are two separate dishes but I combined them. The square noodles melt in your mouth and they're caked in a rich tomato basil sauce that is fantastic. Their sausages are top notch. I order these, slice them up with the peppers and add them to my noodles. There are several Rosebud in the city so to find one nearest you, check out their locations. They are currently celebrating 30 years of yumminess.

Now, on to Mia. This is one of my brother's favorite spots. He'll argue that you cannot order better pasta carbonara anywhere. And I'll admit that it is pretty darn good. If you decide to go to Mia Francesca, I would suggest that you start with their Carpaccio con Carciofi. It's dynomite. Thinly sliced raw sirloin with artichokes, mushrooms, carpers, olive oil and parmigiano. Sign me up. Mia also has serveral locations so to find one nearest you, look here.

Happy Pasta Binging!

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