Saturday, September 8, 2007

Squash Blossoms

What is more quintessentially summer than squash blossoms? These gorgeous treats are impossible to find in a super market as they only last 3-4 hours once they've been picked. So, the best way to find these is to grow them yourselves or get to the Farmer's Market in the early AM. Squash blossoms are the perfect receptacle - they like to be stuffed. Think ricotta, goat cheese, crab, sausage, go ahead, get creative. You can put anything in them. The blooms are so thin and they have a sweet light taste to them.

I usually just fry them unstuffed because I love the pure taste of the blossoms themselves. Just add one cup of flour to one cup of water or milk; add a little bit of salt. Fry them in olive oil. Once I've fried them, I squeeze meyer lemon juice on top and sprinkle sea salt. It is to die for. Such a delicious treat and it adds a colorful flair to your menu ensemble.

Here is a fab stuffed squash blossom recipe from Epicurious:

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Elizabeth said...

I have never heard of these but they are making my mouth water! I love the idea of frying them and sprinkling them with salt. I will have to look for at the market next weekend. Drew would love these. Thanks, this is a good one!