Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm not lazy, just deprived

I was just thinking that it's really sad that I haven't posted ANY sort of recipe or photo lately, and I was feeling really guilty that I was being a lazy blogger, but then I realized it's between working full time and taking two classes (chemistry? please! ick!) and trying to do 25 billion hours a week of homework for said classes, I really haven't had time to cook anything. It's quite depressing, actually.

So with that, here's my contribution.

What I ate this weekend:
*pad thai and crab rangoon from opart thai with jamie, dash, and erin on friday (it's very delicious thai food, and if you live in chicago, i'd suggest it.)
*turkey, pesto, swiss and about a pound of butter lettuce (the really tasty kind that comes with the roots still on it) on sourdough
*a famous hackney's burger (on dark rye) at dinner with jamie's charming grandparents on Saturday night
*1 burnt fried egg
*1/4 of a frozen pizza (blech)

This is how sad my culinary life has been lately. :(

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Elizabeth said...

Awww, it's ok. Chin up Missy!