Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Spotlight: Waverly Inn

What happens when the Editor in Chief of Vanity Fair decides to take a bite out of the restaurant world? You get Waverly Inn. And it's just a couple doors down from his very own West Village Brownstone. This place is one of those NYC hot spots that makes it nearly impossible for a regular joe to make a reservation. They don't even publish their phone number. Even if you get your hands on their 'secret line' they are sure to tell you there are booked. Reminds me of another NYC hot spot, La Esquina, that rejected me so many times last year that I finally gave up. I read about it often though, in UsWeekly...

However, I was on a mission to dine at Waverly Inn on my recent trip. So, my friend Simone and I came up with a stellar game plan: Go early and sit at the bar. Genius.

New Yorkers like to eat around 9. We got there at 6. Perfect. We were in. Turns out they were having a slow night due to a Jewish holiday. We asked if it were at all possible to dine in the main room- specifically the garden- and they let us. The dinning room was great. It is small which is to be expected on any West Village restaurant but has great booths, some intimate tables and the decor is exactly what you would expect. The garden, in my opinion, was beyond fabulous.

The truffle french fires were Simone's favorite. We both tried their seasonal soups to start; one corn and one tomato. I would have liked some grilled corn kernels on my corn soup as a garnish for texture but as a stand alone puree it was very good. The service was a group effort. Every one chipped in to fill your water, pour your wine, remove your plate, etc. I loved that. Because of the tag team effort, I thought our dinner service was spot-on and very friendly.


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Lydia's friend Amy said...

I went to Waverly Inn Labor Day weekend. And I agree with all that you said. We lucked out with reservations b/c it was Labor Day weekend...but we still had to have my friends boss' assistant make the reservation b/c like you said it's so impossible to get reservations. We sat inside and really wished we sat outside. It's adorable place. I had the soup and salmon...was delish!